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Kagerou ♡ Distro

Kagerou Distro and Trade Community
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Welcome to Kagerou Distro and Trade Community!
I will be doing all trades, blank trades, and distro work here from now on.

Current Blank Trade Ratios:
You give me...I'll give you...
2 DVD5s1 DVD5
1 DVD92 DVD5s
3 DVD5s1 DVD9


Q: Why do I have to send my trade first?
A: If I have never traded with you before, you must send your trade first and when I recieve it, my trade will be sent to you. That's just how it must be done for now, sorry. It's a trust factor. After the first trade succeeds and we both whitelist each other I can send mine first next time if you'd like.
Q: What is a Blank Trade?
A: Blank trades are where you can send me blank media in exchange for the media. The ratios may change from time to time but it will always be listed on this page.
Q: What is a DVD5?
A: A dvd5 is basically a dvd that can hold up to 4.7gb
Q: What is a DVD9?
A: A dvd9 is a dual-layer dvd that can hold up to 8.5gb
Q: Why do you only accept a certain type of blank media?
A: Well... because it is a disc I know is compatible with my computer so it's safer for both of us.
Q: How do I know if your disc will work on my TV or Computer?
A: They all should work on everyone's computers. I sugguest looking into a dvd player with divx-codec in it so that you can play the majority of my discs on your tv also. Not all discs will work on dvd players... so making sure you have easy access to a computer might be more helpful. If you have any problems I can help solve them for you or refund your purchase if the disc just absolutely will not work, but in return you must send back your discs.
Q: What does the prices include?
A: The prices are strictly to cover the shipping/handling, cd/dvd costs, bubble wrapping, and etc. The majority of the shows I have listed are fansubs, I do not own any of their licenses!
Q: What do you ship your items in?
A: Bubble wrap, tape, usually a cd case (until I run out) or a paper sleeve. If theres a large number of discs I will have to purchase something more safe like a small box. You may also purchase additional insurance if you'd like, but it will cost extra.
Q: The mail messed it up! // I haven't recieved it! // Why didn't you recieve my cash?
A: *sigh* I am not responsible for things lost or messed up in the mail. This has yet to happen yet, but once the items leave my hands it will no longer be something I can take care of for you. Just keep me posted if you are having a difficult time recieving your things. Do not play the newb game of "I sent my money, why aren't you sending my things" on me either... if you mail it correctly there shouldn't be a problem and if your money got lost in the mail, that's not my fault. Either send again, or try somewhere else please.
Q: When do you ship things out?
A: Usually the day after I recieve payment or trade. If I dont, I'll let you know in advanced but I'm pretty good about these things.
Q: Where is your wishlist located?!
A: Click on Luna on the community's front page and you'll be dirrected there. :D

If you'd like to email me, please reach me at:
-remove the brackets!-

Special Thanks and Credits to:
If I failed to mention your name or site please let me know and I'll give you proper credits.